Answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

Very Important: Smart India Hackathon 2017 will be the biggest Hackathon in the world till date. On 1st and 2nd April approx. 10,000 participants will code non-stop for 36 hrs for building tools which our nation might be able to use. As the scale of this competition is unprecedented, our small budgets don’t allow us to be lavish and we will focus only on making absolutely necessary facilities. Participants are also expected to co-operate as together, we need to build our nation and make us all proud. We believe that if every Indian does his bit for nation then India soon will be knowledge superpower. We dream of digital India with best quality of life to all our fellow Indians.

The primary objective of this Smart India Hackathon-2017 initiative is to create a permanent platform to harvest the creativity and energy of our youngsters directly for nation building. We want to create world’s biggest open innovation model, which other countries should emulate.

We are hopeful that all the participating teams will support us in this mega-endeavour and together we will cherish great memories.

Duration of Hackathon

  • Inauguration of the ‘Grand Finale’ of Smart India Hackathon will start at 7.30 am on 1st April 2017.
  • Teams will start coding at 8.30 am on 1st April and will stop coding at 6.00 pm on 2nd Final Judging will start at 6.00 pm on 2nd April and results will be announced at 8.00 pm on 2nd April.
  • Valedictory session will be from 8.00 pm to 8.30 pm followed by national anthem. Detailed minute-to-minute program will be available soon.
  • Every participant will get certificate of participation after 6.00 pm on 2nd April 2017.
  • Students will leave premise at 8.45 pm on 2nd April 2017.


  • Organizers will only reimburse tickets of ‘Sleeper Class’ (Non AC) or Normal bus (Non AC) at actuals immediately (at the venue). If team members have travelled by any other mode of transport, then organizers will only reimburse amount equivalent to ‘Sleeper Class’ of Railways but this may not happen immediately as the accounts department will need to find out the ticket prizes and then calculate accordingly (this will take some more time). No DA will be paid.
  • Team leader has to prepare a consolidated TA form to cover ticket expenses of all their team members (including Mentors). Money will be transferred electronically to the Bank account of Team Leader only. It is responsibility of the Team Leader to reimburse other team members including Mentors. Hence details regarding name of account holder, bank name, account number, and IFSC code should be provided along with TA form to receive the amount later.
  • All team Members (including Mentors) should reach the venue on 31st March and complete the registration process by 31st March evening. They should visit the venue and get familiarized with it on 31st March and get ready for the competition. We do not want teams coming on 1stApril morning as they will be tired and not able to compete for 36 hrs.
  • If teams are reaching on 30th March then organizers need to be informed in advance so that they can make appropriate arrangements. Plan return journey on 3rd No accommodation will be provided after 3rd April.

Accommodation and Food

  • Teams will be provided with accommodation in college hostel with basic facilities. No separate accommodation will be provided to Mentors and they need to stay along with the team members.
  • Separate accommodation will be provided for boys and girls.
  • Accommodation will be provided only to the official 6 team members and 2 Mentors. If any other staff is accompanying with the team then they need to find their own accommodation (Organizers will not be able to help them).
  • Accommodation will be available from 31st March to 3rd Teams coming on 30th March need to inform organizers in advance.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided by the organizers from 31st March to 3rd No accommodation will be provided after 3rdApril

Laptops and Hardware/ Software

  • Team Members should bring their own Laptops with pre-installed all the required technology stack/tools. Only 6 laptops per team will be allowed during the competition
  • During the registration process all team members need to sign an undertaking stating that they will abide with licensing terms and conditions of the tools/software they use. Organizers will not be liable/responsible for any violation of any licensing terms of software/hardware by participating teams or team members
  • Wi-fi connection will be available through-out the competition but dependence on wi-fi should be minimal to avoid any unintentional last minute glitches. Too many PCs connecting simultaneously with wifi, substantially affect the download speed. Plan in such a way that team should be able to work with minimal wifi download requirements. Teams can also bring their own 3G or 4G dongles to avoid dependency on local network. No reimbursements will be made for these dongles.
  • Team need to bring any additional hardware, if required for demonstrating the idea. Organizers will not bear the cost of any hardware.
  • Any additional cables, switches to create team specific network need to be brought by the participants. Come as prepared as possible and avoid dependencies on host organization.
  • All open source software used during development of your solution need to be acknowledged.

T-Shirt and Standees

  • Mandatory: Each Team should get 1 banner/backdrop and 1 standee (6 feet X 2 feet which can stand) highlighting their team name, college name, team members and all the logos. We will provide the design soon. No reimbursement from organizers will be made for banners and standees.
  • Recommended: Organizers recommend teams (including Mentors) to make/design ‘Team Specific T-shirt’. It should have Smart India Hackathon 2017 logo on its chest on the left side. Logo design file will be made available soon for download. No reimbursement will be made by organizers.

Getting Half baked Code/ raw code

  • Teams are allowed to bring half-baked or raw code for the competition. Teams can also get wire-frame ready for UI that will help them build product easily during the hackathon. Based on the suggestions during the competition, teams need to further modify their code and make their solution robust.
  • All team members are expected to code during Hackathon and teams/members found roaming or not working will be immediately disqualified. Decision of organizers in this regard will be final. No TA or certificate of participation will be given to the disqualified team and will be asked to vacate premise immediately.
  • Results will be announced on 2nd April at 8.00 pm followed by valedictory function.

If you have any major questions then please write to Please remember, we are getting large number of emails, hence there will be delay in our response. So only send email if you really have serious problems/ queries.

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